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Priceline Skincare Goody Bag July 2020

We have not seen one of these for a long time! Priceline Skincare Goody Bag is back.

The goody bags are Priceline's version of GWP (Gift with Purchase). They used to be regular offerings (twice a year) but in recent times they were a bit unpredictable. I am sure many have been holding out for one of these bonus bags.

Priceline reckons the bag "valued at over $200". To qualify, spend $69 or more on brands participating in the goody bag.

The bag is reasonably well constructed with a magnetic button to close. It is also a relatively compact design compared to previous bags.


Category #1 - Mask galore

Dr Lewinns Recoverederm Australian Marine Algae Rescue Mask $9.99 | Recoverederm is a new line from Dr Lewinns. This mask contains algae extract and a few plant extracts. Ingredients look okay but not spectacular. Made in Taiwan.

Skin Doctors Beetox Facial Wrap $9.99 | Facial wrap... that's a creative name for a sheet mask. Main ingredients are saccharide isomerate (water retainer), bee venom and niacinamide. Sounds alright. Caution: bee venom; vegan unfriendly.

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Lifting Sheet Mask $7.95 | I looked really hard to try to work out what the "lifting" but couldn't. Apart from witch hazel and sodium hyaluronate, nothing else jumped at me as being useful. Witch hazel is an astringent so I am not sure how it lifts. Made in China. Not impressed.

Neutrogena Purifying Boost Clay Mask 10ml $4.99 | Because I don't use clay mask very often but need some at home on stand-by for those odd breakouts, these little pot sizes are perfect for me. I haven't tried this particular one. For other brands I have used, I use half a pot, seal the remainder and put it in the fridge for a second use within a few days.

Garnier Hydrabomb Anti Ageing Green Tea + Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask $3.99 | Pretty simple and straight forward eye mask - a few hydrators and green tea extract. For a single pair of eye masks with basic ingredients, $4 is actually expensive. Also made in China.

Simple Water Boost Reviving Under-Eye Hydrogel Mask $4.99 | A lot more going on in the ingredients (algae / plant extracts and niacinamide etc etc) than the Garnier eye mask above. I tried a Simple tissue mask before and really liked it. If this hydrogel mask contains enough serum it should be good. Made in South Korea.

Category #2 - Excessive Cleansers

Glow Lab Micellar Water 400 mL $11.99 | I don't use micellar myself so not sure what I am going to do with this. Usually I would put something like this in the Share The Dignity bag but I am not sure if I should after reading reviews on Priceline - irritation seems to be the common complaint. Made in New Zealand.

A'kin Cleansing Micellar Water 500 mL (full size) $14.95 | A even bigger bottle of micellar?! I think because Priceline is trying to get rid of these. Currently on clearance in Priceline for $5. Made in Australia.

Skin Physics Dragon's Blood 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser 150 mL $19.99 | Until I looked this up I had no idea dragon's blood is a plant! I always thought it's a fad name. I also thought the Dragon's Blood line was a lot more expensive. Ingredients are pretty good for a cleanser! Contains AHA for mild exfoliation. I am actually excited to try this. Made in New Zealand.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Anti-Acne Cleanser 50mL (quarter size) $6.50 | A good size to keep for the occasional congestion and breakout. Made in France.

Category #3 - moisturisers

Moogoo Skin Milk Udder Cream 120 mL $11.9 | Sweet almond oil and olive oil-based moisturiser. My toddler daughter uses Moogoo sunscreen so this will probably goes to her too. Made in Australia.

Olay Regenerist Whip Face Cream Moisturiser 10 mL (one-fifth size) $9.8 | I like the idea of whipped cream. Olay surprised me with a few of their products containing high concentration of proven ingredients. This one contains a good amount of niacinamide (B3), panthenol (B5) and a trace amount of palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 (commonly known as matrixyl, a proven peptide). Made in Thailand.

Weleda Skin Food 10 mL (one-third size) $5 | Probably no further explanation needed for Weleda's famous Skin Food. Gorgeous smelling and outrageously expensive body cream. Handy size for the handbag. Made in Germany.

Dermeze Treatment Cream 100 g $8.49 | Basic moisturiser which is petroletum and mineral oil based. Not an issue in itself as I use other products containing these ingredients (love Aveeno, for example), but I previously tried the Dermeze Moisturising Cream and I was rather unimpressed. The "treatment cream" rates higher in moisturising level so I might give it another go.

Priceline Everyday Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ 15 mL (sample) $0.30 | I know it's "free", but a 15 mL size is stingy. Cancer Council recommends at least 35 mL per full adult body application. So I can only test this on either my left side or the right. Made in Australia.

Total value of the products (excluding vouchers) = $130.82.

So where's the "valued at over $200" comes from?

The bag also contains 4x Clear Skincare Clinic vouchers:

  • Express microdermabrasion (see my review here) valued at $50

  • LED Light Therapy valued at $50

  • Underarm Laser Hair Removal valued at $30

  • "Anti-Ageing" voucher - $50 when you spend $250 or more

Overall, a good bag if you like sheet masks, micellar water or will use the Clear Skincare Clinic vouchers.

Available from 18 July 2020 in store or online while stock lasts.


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