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Priceline Skincare Goody Bag November 2016

Priceline has released its second skincare goody bag this year. Great news for those who are genuinely running low of something.

Bad news for us FOMO sufferers, spending on things we don't need (and quite possibly using money we don't have).

The goody bags are Priceline's version of GWP (Gift with Purchase). There are 6 different bags every year. 2x hair care, 2x makeup, 2x skincare. To qualify, spend $69 or more on brands participating in the goody bag.

I've also blogged the last Skincare Goody Bag back in June 2016 (so it hasn't even been quite half a year).

This time Priceline reckons the bag "valued at over $290" - although this is a fair bit lower than the valuation of the last goody bag, it's always the quality (not quantity) that counts - so let's see!

Category #1 - The repeats

Let's get the bad news out of the way. Out of a total of 20 products, 4 products are identical from the last goody bag.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Wipes (25) (full size) $7.49 | Not only the product is a repeat from the last goody bag - they are basically the same batch, expiring January 2017!! Priceline must have heaps of excess stock of this. Perhaps bring them to your Christmas barbeques. They can be decent wet wipes for dirty hands.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Serum 5 mL, ApiRefine Targeted Wrinkle Filler 3mL and ApiNourish Rejunvenating Face Mask 7mL (sample size) ~$20.00 | Now that I have multiple trial sachets of these, I can transfer them into travel bottles to put these products into some real tests.

Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Stretch Mark Reductor and Slimming Serum 200 g (full size) $49.99 | Last time I was pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of this huge full-size and expensive product. Now that I have two big boxes of these I should be able to fit back into my size 6 dresses in no time.

Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser 100 g (full size) $13.99 | My mum always uses up all the little GWPs that I overstock. After receiving this cleanser in the last goody bag, I texted my mum and asked if she uses Olay cleanser. She is usually the one who complains that I do not reply her texts, and to my surprise, she did not answer my question. It was then I realised she has her standards when it comes to cleansers.

Category #2 - The blurring and correction creams

Garnier BB Cream + Blur 40 mL (full size) $16.99 | In all honestly I do not mind Garnier BB cream apart from its strong artificial (and unnecessary) fragrance. It's a shame that this comes in medium which will be too dark for my skin tone.

L'oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Finishing Cream 30 mL (full size) $24.99 | This is supposed to be applied after moisturiser but it does not seem to have any colour. The ingredients are mainly silicones so it looks like it can be a good foundation primer replacement.

L'oreal skin Perfection Anti-fatigue Wake-up Cream 35 mL (full size) $24.99 | Sounds like miracle in a tube. If this cream can make up 2 hours of sleep debt every morning, not to say $24.99, I'll be happy to pay $2499.

Category #3 - The cleansers

Klara Cosmetics Reset Instant New Skin 15mL (~one-third size) ~$10.50 | I am intrigued when I read the description "deep clean gel innovation, no rinse formula; touch activated exfoliating effect". It sounds like a gel-form micellar water with exfoliant, with some interesting ingredients like honey, bamboo leaf and olive extract.

Sukin Oil balancing Purifying Gel Cleanser 125 mL (full size) $12.99 | The cleanser is very fitting for summer. Some ingredients include: aloe leaf juice, bamboo charcoal, chamomile, bilberry, promegranate, cucumber and coconut extract. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wonders how Sukin produces their products with these ingredients and sells them at such low prices.

Amie New Leaf Deep pore Exfoliating Polish 100mL (full size) $8.99 | Another exciting brand with some delicious ingredients - natural rice granules, jojoba oil and mango seed butter only to name a few.

Category #4 - The sheet masks

Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet $7.99 | Sheet masks are easy and a treat to use. I have my doubts as to whether topical collagen can actually penetrate skin enough for it to "work". But when it's free, no complaints and I will use it. Also included in the bag is a $3 voucher towards purchasing any Skin Republic product.

Skin Physics 3D Deep hydration Lifting Mask ~$10 (pack of 3 retails for $29.99) | Hyaluronic acid! Now we are talking. It's one of my favourite ingredients of all times. I can't wait to try this one.

Category #5 - The miscellaneous face products

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (50 sheets) $6.99 | A staple in my makeup kit, but I usually buy these in bulk from overseas for $2.5 each.

Cancer Council Active Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 50+ 35 mL (~one-third size) ~$4.77 | I am going to shock you with a fact. I turned to the back of the sunscreen and it says "35mL is equal to one adult application". Can you imagine using a bottle of full size sunscreen for just 3 times? This is how you can actually get your SPF50+ protection.

NIP + FAB Kale Fix moisturiser 10mL (one-fifth size) ~$10 | Nowadays if you add some kale or goji berries to anything you can't go wrong, despite kale is the 28th ingredient in this moisturiser. I guess calling it "water fix" or "butylene glycol fix" just doesn't sound as fancy as "kale fix".

Category #6 - For hands and body

La Roche-Posay Barrier Repairing Cream 50 mL (full size) $15.99 | A little bit disappointed that we do not get a face product from this brand. This hand cream seems like a treat for winter - not sure why it's included in a summer skincare bag. The good news is though it won't expire until 2019 - that's 2 more winters to use this up.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion 71 mL (full size) $3.99 | If I had realised this was part of the bag I wouldn't have purchased the exact same product (in a bigger size) as part of my qualifying purchase. I received a 10 mL sachet sample in the mail and I surprisingly liked it - quickly absorbed yet very hydrating for at least a few good hours.

Category #7 - The tanning stuff

Tanning is not my thing and my mum won't be able to help me out with these either - her unique foundation matching technique is "go to the counter and ask for the lightest shade possible".

Australis Self Tan Oil Natural Olive Brown 100 mL (full size) $19.99 | "Develops over 2-3 hours and lasts for up to a week"

Le Tan Self Tanning Foam 200 mL (full size) $19.99 | "Green base, made with coconut water"

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion 50 mL (one-quarter size) ~$8.50 | "Sheer skin perfecting coverage for an even streak-free sunkissed golden glow that gradually builds and hydrates for up to 48 hours"

And the bag itself

Total value of the products = $302.13. WOW! Priceline has actually undervalued its own goody bag by $10. Overall, I think the last goody bag has more usable products, I don't mind this one - I think it's good value as long as I can get some use out of 4 or 5 products, which I will (eventually).

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