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Review - Redken Extreme Length

Hope everyone is somewhat enjoying winding down this crazy and unpredictable year. I am signing off my blog this year with this review post on Redken Extreme Length. Earlier this year, like everyone else I had to cut down on hairdresser appointments. Maintaining my hair in a good condition was challenging. I have dry, frizzy and coloured (damaged) hair. So I was super delighted when BeautyCREW invited me to try Redken's products from the brand new "Extreme Length" range.

The range consists of:

  1. A shampoo (300mL)

  2. A conditioner (250mL)

  3. A leave-in treatment (150mL)

Redken's Extreme Length, formulated with biotin to help hair grown longer and stronger, promises to

  • strengthen damaged hair and helps hair to grow longer and stronger and to help prevent breakage to promote your strongest, healthiest hair.

  • reduce breakage by 81% when using the full system of Extreme Length Shampoo, Extreme Length Conditioner, and Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment


Although the trial with BeautyCrew only went for 5 weeks, after the trial period I went on and finished all 3 products. This review has been written based on one complete set of products.


The shampoo is clear and viscous. It lathers up easily so a little does go a long way. I have the habit of shampooing my hair twice, but because this shampoo lathers up so much, some day I find double cleansing unnecessary. It has a very sweet scent, which I do not mind, but the scent is strong so it is potentially be a deal-breaker for those who do not like it.

I always like how Redken makes a bigger shampoo than the matching conditioner. Because I shampoo my hair twice, when my shampoo is of the same size as my conditioner I always run out the shampoo first. Having a bigger shampoo means I may be able to finish both around the same time.


The conditioner feels thick, which I find is fairly typical for a salon brand. However, the packaging does not help with dispensing. I store my bottle upside down from the first use to save me all that shaking and squeezing. It has the same sweet scent. It rinses off quite well without leaving behind a slimy residue. Because it is thick, I do not have to use a huge amount (about a 20 cents coin size for my shoulder-blade length hair).

Leave-in treatment

Most cream-based leave-in treatment leaves behind a sticky residue. Because of this, I usually prefer to use an oil. Initially, I felt that this treatment cream felt quite sticky and only used a minute amount. However, over time I have learned to (1) use it on very damp hair (immediately after a wash and towel-dried) and (2) use a generous amount (for some reason it seems to help with product distribution), and have grown to like it.


On first application, I immediately noticed that there was significantly less hair loss during the wash. I was genuinely surprised on how well it worked. On subsequent applications I noticed significantly less hair breakage, not just during wash but also generally. There was less hair on the bathroom floor. There was also a major improvement in the strength of my hair. Towards the end of the trial (approximately 5 weeks), my hair was less frizzy. Overall, my hair looked healthier.

These products worked so well for my hair that I continued to finish them. They lasted about 3 months in total (3 uses per week on average). The visible results were very impressive.

I thought I would just note that towards the end of the 3 months I developed an itchy scalp and also more dandruffs. I was not sure whether it was because I had not brought my conditioner all the way up to the scalp so it became too dry, or it was irritated by the products. However, once I started alternating Redken Extreme Length and another brand, the itchiness went away quickly. So when I get them next time I would use them as part of a rotation.


So.. is it the biotin that makes them so effective?

Redken Extreme Length features the use of biotin in every product in the range. What does biotin actually do?

Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H), as an ingestible supplement, has been widely believed, for the longest time, to promote hair growth. Extending from there, topical biotin products in the form of shampoo, treatments, and so on, have also gained popularity.

However, it is increasingly evident that biotin does not really promote hair growth. While evidence supports that individuals with inherent biotin deficiency (or existing hair or nail issues) may benefit from biotin supplement, the ingestion of biotin does not seem to improve hair and nail in healthy individuals (see a review here). In addition, the evidence to support any long term advantage of topical biotin is even more patchy.

Other ingredients

I do not write off a product simply because there is not enough science to back up the claims. After all, the overall formulation does matter. Biotin is just one of the many ingredients used in these products. For example, the conditioner contains caster oil and the leave-in treatment contains soy protein, which can coat the surface of the hair strands or to fill in gaps between cuticles, supporting the strength of the hair shaft. Whatever they put into the products, the overall formulation is very effective for my hair.



  • Reduces hair loss/hair breakage

  • Increases hair strength


  • Possible minor scalp irritation on prolonged use

This review was written based on my opinion after continuous use of one full set. The products were given to me by BeautyCrew for the purpose of trial and review. My opinion is honest.


About me

Makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Founder of the well-known award-winning bridal specialist team Faces Makeup & Hair. Beauty junkie with an obsession for skincare.

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