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Review - My Beauty Diary Masks

My review on 3 My Beauty Diary masks: Hyaluronic Acid, Mexico Cactus & Squalene

We always tend to look to Korea when we think about sheet masks, but while I was researching on the next Korean brand to try I stumbled across someone on an online forum recommending Taiwanese brands instead (very random, I know). I was interested because, for one, I haven't actually tried any Taiwanese beauty products even I love almost everything else from Taiwan (self-confessed pearl milk tea addict here). Moreover, to be able to finally understand the instructions and other text on the packaging (I can read Chinese) is a huge advantage for me - second guessing Korean and poorly translated English isn't always fun.

Two well-known brands dominated my search results - Dr Morita and My Beauty Diary. There are many varieties in each brand and it was rather confusing to pick just a few to start.

The most famous variety from My Beauty Diary is Black Pearl for whitening, but I wasn't after any whitening effects so I picked these three instead:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Mexico Cactus

  3. Squalene


Each box comes with 8 masks and retails for NT250, which converts to approx AUD $12 (!!!) However, the huge drawback is that these masks are not at all accessible in Australia. I got mine from Strawberry Net for approximately $20 a box, but the last time I checked Strawberry Net no longer stocks My Beauty Diary. There is no official stockist or retailer in Australia. Random varieties may be available from ebay for between $40 to $60 a box, which works out to be $5 to $7.5 a mask, and sadly it is actually affordable and acceptable by Australian standards. But they did appear in Catch once, for $20 a box I am sure that was a pleasant surprise for many.

The mask

The mask is so, so super comfortable to use! It is thin, completely drenched in serum and very refreshing to use. There is a lot of excess serum in the packet, especially in hyaluronic acid and mexico cactus varieties. If I have to pick one flaw, the mask is just about 1cm too short around the jawline area. I think I have a small face so it may be too short for many.

Above: My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus and my iso-brows

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of my go-to ingredients so naturally I picked this in my initial order. This ingredient is known for its hydrating properties. See basics of hyaluronic acid in my blog post here.

When it arrived, I found that sodium hyaluronate is disappointingly listed as the 22nd ingredient down the list. Glycerin (also a humectant) is listed as the second ingredient in all the masks. In addition, the mask also contains a number of fruit extracts and ginseng for their exfoliation and brightening properties. The mask smells very refreshing.

I save the excess serum from the mask and use it as a regular serum. It is easily absorbed and makes skin feel plumped.

This mask makes my skin feel hydrated and soft. I was really liking this mask until I moved on to Mexico Cactus.

Mexico Cactus

Apart from cactus extract (15th in the list), the mask contains a lot of different algae/seaweed extracts (antioxidants and moisture retention). Gingko (general anti-aging) and licorice root extracts (brightening) are also pretty high up in the list. It also contains a small amount of sodium hyaluronate.

This mask surprised me because, not only it is just as hydrating as the hyaluronic acid variety (above), it is also exceptionally soothing to use. There is something very calming about this mask - I am not sure whether it is because of its scent or the relatively large amount of algae extracts (known for their hydrating and soothing properties). Mexico Cactus is my favourite My Beauty Diary mask so far.


The serum in Squalene variety is milky and thick. The serum base is different to the previous two with the addition of caprylic/capric triglyceride (and excellent emollient). Squalene is present in high concentration (8th in the list). Other notable ingredients include hydrolyzed jojoba esters (softening), hydroxyethyl urea (hydrating) licorice root extract (brightening), avocado oil, meadowfoam seed oil and hyaluronic acid. An impressive blend of ingredients providing skin nourishment.

I love this mask as a twice-a-week treat in winter. It is not something that I can use daily as my skin is prone to millia (tiny white bumps) when I over-nourish my skin.

Overall... I love them. Maybe we are so used to paying extravagant prices for skincare and cosmetics in Australia, My Beauty Diary masks are exceptionally good for their price. They certainly deliver better results than most sheet masks available in the Australian market. I will most definitely stock them up again (if and when I come across them)!

Tips on application

  • Apply on clean and freshly exfoliated skin for enhanced serum absorption

  • Use the excess serum to prime skin before putting the mask onto skin (enhance serum saturation)

  • Excess serum can be saved and used as a regular serum before moisturiser


About me

Makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Founder of the well-known award-winning bridal specialist team Faces Makeup & Hair. Beauty junkie with an obsession for skincare.

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