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Review - Ella Baché Defend My Resilience Facial

To coincide with the recent launch of two brand new Defence+ products, Ella Baché has also rolled out a brand new Defend My Resilience facial treatment. As usual, I could not wait to try this new offering at Ella Baché West Lindfield. My regular beauty therapist Julie came back from a break and I was delighted to see her again (she also did my very first Ella Baché Signature Facial at this salon back in 2018 - more info here in this post).

Who is this for

Anyone who wants an intensive infusion of antioxidants and other protective ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier.

The treatment

Cleanse and massage

As usual, I did not wear any makeup to the salon but Julie did a thorough cleanse of my skin anyway.

Julie used the botanical cleansing oil on my skin and the next thing I knew I was in a massage heaven. I have always enjoyed Ella Bache's massage because it does not stop at the face or the neck, it is always all the way down to upper chest and upper back. With Julie's skillful hands, I was completely relaxed from this first step which set the perfect tone for the whole treatment.


The exfoliant used was the newly launched product, Defence+ Charcoal Micro Exfoliant. I have already experienced the exfoliant myself. I love how gentle and effective it is, but did find the exfoliating gel dried up quickly and fell off my skin. Here's a tip that Julie gave me - even thought the bottle says massage on dry skin, add a bit of water into the exfoliant (but still use on dry skin) before use would make it connect better with the skin.

Repairing mask

After the exfoliant was removed, Julie applied a generous layer of a salon-only repairing mask. The mask contains tomato extracts and other antioxidants to neutralise radical damage to the skin. While letting the mask to work, I was given a wonderful arms and hands massage. This is another thing that I love about this salon, every treatment is extremely hands-on and there is no "down time" in the whole treatment process.

Gua sha

This is the part that I was most curious about. With a Chinese background, I know a little about traditional Chinese gua sha - it involves scraping the skin with a tool (made from stone or ceramic or something else), applying enough pressure to cause bruising underneath the skin surface, resulting in red bruising. Why would people do that?! Because they believe that muscle pain and soreness can be "scrapped" away by moving the air/energy flow (in Chinese, qi) in the body. Gua means scrapping and sha means sand (that is, the appearance of sand-like red dots from skin bruising).

The whole facial gua sha phenomenon that became so popular in the last year or two is of course, completely different from the original purpose and methods of traditional Chinese gua sha. Facial gua sha targets the lymphatic drainage system - so in one sense it is not all that different from other lymphatic drainage techniques (see this post for my prior experience on lymphatic drainage massage using metal balls). The tool used in this facial was made from stainless steel. The gua sha was performed over the repairing mask. I noticed that the technique was to push the tool upwards and outwards, but I could hardly feel any pressure at all (to emphasize that it was nothing like the traditional gua sha) and it was just like another relaxation massage.

Ella Baché gua sha tool

Product application

After removing the mask, Julie applied the Defence+ Antioxidant Radiance Cream (my current go-to moisturiser!) The cream contains antioxidants to neutralise oxidative stress and soothing ingredients to repair damage to the skin barrier. Before I left, Julie applied SPF to make sure that I was well-protected.

Defence+ Charcoal Micro Exfoliant and Antioxidant Radiance Cream - both available retail


I think my blackheads have disappeared! My skin felt moisturised, plumped and looked super glowy from the treatment. As always I felt energised by having a treatment here at Ella Baché West Lindfield and ready to face the world :)

Immediately after the Ella Baché Defend My Resilience Treatment

How often

This treatment can be used as needed, and ideally every 4-6 weeks.

How much

$95 for 45 minutes.

Ella Baché West Lindfield

Tips & pointers

  • This is a quick and yet very relaxing experience - the perfect recharge and replenish for those with a stressful lifestyle

  • As physical exfoliation is included in the treatment, avoid exfoliation 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

  • Use antioxidant-rich products between treatments to maintain results


I was invited as a guest of Ella Baché West Lindfield to try out this new offering by the salon. My opinion is honest. Referral link to receive $10 off your product purchase:

About me

Makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Founder of the well-known award-winning bridal specialist team Faces Makeup & Hair. Beauty junkie with an obsession for skincare.

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