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Natural Beauty Month Event @beautyheaven HQ

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

August is the Natural Beauty Month at Beautyheaven and this is the second year that I got invited to this dedicated event for all things "natural"! Thanks to the staff at Beautyheaven and the sponsors, the event was well-organised, informative and super fun. Here's a quick download of the take-home messages and my first impression of the key product(s) presented at the event.


One thing I learned about Sukin

Sukin's new Blemish Control Line is designed to prevent and control acne and blemishes with gentle ingredients.

First impression

The key products were the Blemish Control Starter Kit and Pink Clay Facial Masque. I have just tried the Blemish Control range of products on my forehead. Although they smell strongly of tea tree and peppermint, they do feel very gentle on skin, with no stinging sensation at all. I am yet to try the Pink Clay Facial Masque but it has been in my wish list for a while.

Andalou Naturals

One thing I learned about Andalou

Andalou and Sukin are owned by the same company.

Now that's something new to me. It also turned out the be very revealing. So I did a quick search and found that BWX (an ASX-listed company) owns Sukin, which acquired Andalou (originally a US-based skincare brand) in 2017. One other thing I found from my research is that Nourished Life is also owned by BWX. That explains why I often see Andalou 50% off sale on Nourished Life! (I work in capital markets so I get very excited by this type of information...sorry! Now let's come back to beauty...)

First impression

The key product was CannaCell Glow Mask. I have already been using it before this event and I am absolutely loving it.


One thing I learned about Weleda

Weleda was awarded Germany's Most Sustainable Beauty Brand (German Sustainability Award) - in 2016.

First impression

The key product was Skin Food, also something that I am already using. It is a nice-smelling thick cream that I like to use on dry patches and elbows, or as an overnight hand cream.

Billie Goat

One thing I learned about Billie Goat

The concentration of goat milk in Billie Goat Soap is more than its competitors'.

First impression

The key product was the soap bar. I haven't used it yet but looking forward to giving it a go.


One thing I learned about Plunkett's

People with diabetes often have poor blood circulation and decreased sensation in their feet. Diabetics are prone to having dry skin and cracked heels, but due to the decreased sensation they could easily cause damage to skin by over-filing. NS8 Heel Balm is designed to be diabetes friendly.

First impression

The key products were NS8 Heel Balm and Vita E Quick Dry Oil (not pictured). The Heel Balm is really lovely and readily absorbed - more like a lotion than a balm.

Blessed by Nature

One thing I learned about Blessed by Nature

Blessed by nature is an Australian brand based out of Melbourne.

First impression

The key product was Antioxidant Daily Renewal Cream. It has a lightweight consistency with an adorable botanical scent. For me it is probably more suitable for summer than winter so I am saving it for later.


One thing I learned about Handsome

The packaging targets men but there is no reason why women cannot use it.

First impression

The key products were Antioxidant Daily Nourishing Cream and Facial Moisturiser. My husband has been using the cream for 2 weeks and his skin is so much softer. It doesn't have much fragrance in it.


I was invited by Beautyheaven to this Natural Beauty Month Event. I got to take home complimentary products from each brand. I have no obligation to write any reviews or publish this blog post. My opinion is honest.

About me

Makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Founder of the well-known award-winning bridal specialist team Faces Makeup & Hair. Beauty junkie with an obsession for skincare.

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