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Foreo Luna 2 vs. Luna 3

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

As restrictions are easing and salons are coming back to business, this will be my last blog post on lock down essentials.

It is a difficult choice amongst all the great things that I have (gratitude moment...). Nevertheless, I decided to tell you more about my Luna 3.

9 months ago, I was invited by BeautyCrew to try Luna 3 shortly after its launch in Australia. At that time, I also published my review on Luna 2 based on 2 years of experience.

Now that I have been using the two different versions for a while, I often got asked, which one is better?

Pink: Luna 2 for normal skin; Blue: Luna 3 for combination skin

What the heck is this?

If you are not familiar with Foreo Luna, you can find some basics here.

In short, it is a silicone cleansing device. The brush works by vibration. It comes in 4 different versions for normal (pink), oily (turquoise), combination (blue) and sensitive (purple) skin.

The retail price for Luna 2 still stands at $279, but you can find it for $239 or below in many places. The retail price for Luna 3 is $299.

What are the major differences between Luna 2 and Luna 3?

Luna 3 offers a few improvements.

Larger cleansing surface area - this is immediately apparent just by putting the two devices side by side. The new Luna makes the cleansing routine more time effective.

Luna 3 (right) has a larger surface area for cleansing.

Longer and softer touch points - according to Foreo, the silicone touch points in Luna 3 are 30% longer and 25% softer than that in Luna 2. This is the most significant improvement in the device. I found Luna 2 is pretty strong for my skin, whereas Luna 3 feels noticeably gentler (even I have the combination skin version of Luna3, which comes with bigger touch points than the normal skin version of Luna 2). The combination of longer and softer touch points means less pressure exerted on my skin overall. My skin can cope with Luna 3 on a daily basis (vs. every second day for Luna 2).

Foreo also claims that the longer touch points "clean better". Coincidentally, I did experience less break out and congestion while using Luna 3. Whether it is due to the longer touch points or my skin is simply getting dryer with age, I can't really tell.

Luna 3 (blue) has longer touch points.

More intensity levels - there are 16 intensity levels in Luna 3 (compared to 8 in Luna 2). My default setting for both devices is the second lowest setting.

Device came charged - this was a nice surprise. My brand new Luna 3 came fully charged, whereas I had to charge my new Luna 2 overnight prior to first use. That said, the battery lasts so long that I have never had to charge it a second time, yet.

But it's not all good news. There are things that I prefer Luna 2 over Luna 3:

Luna 3 requires an App - you will not be able to set up Luna 3 without the Foreo App. The App is big, took a long time to download and would not install properly for the first few attempts (a rating of 2.3 on App Store can be very telling). When I had finally gotten around to install it, it was mandatory to enter gender and date of birth - you kinda wonder why Foreo even need these data (?!). Only after all that hassle you would be allowed to set a vibration time and intensity for the device.

Above: some screenshots from the Foreo App

Changing any setting on Luna 3 requires the App - it means that unless you take your phone into your shower, you won't be able to change the intensity or the timing of the device halfway through cleansing. This is just plain stupid. On Luna 2, the intensity can be conveniently adjusted using the "+" or "-" button on the device depending on skin needs, with the flexibility of doing half the routine on a higher intensity and the other half on a lower intensity if necessary.

Intensity on Luna 2 can be adjusted without an App.

You also need the App to activate the massage mode - not that it bothers me because I am not interested in the massage mode. In the massage mode you use the ripple lines at the back and the device can only be activated by the App, with instructions displayed in the App while the device is vibrating.

I tried the massage mode a few times during the formal trial period. Do I really think it "reduces the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet, reduce puffiness for a renewed eye contour"? Clearly not. Even if the massage mode has any skin benefit, quite frankly I think it would have been undone by the requirement to look at the screen the whole time for massage instructions.

Technology is supposed to bring convenience to our lives, but in this case the whole App design is quite frankly unnecessary, and makes the device more inconvenient to use. I much prefer the simplicity of Luna 2.

Luna 2 or Luna 3?

Overall, Luna 3 is a better device. Perhaps because it really does clean better, or simply because it is more gentle so that I can use it more often, my skin is clearer and cleaner. However, the App can be a deal-breaker for those who do not have patience with bad technology.

Worth the spending?

With a Luna 3 I found myself spending less on exfoliants and less on breakout controlling products, so overall I do think it is worth the spending. It is an expensive down payment so look out for a good sale (e.g. the lowest price that I have seen was from Myer at $239.20).


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