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Review - Ella Baché Brighten Me Up Facial

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Once again I was back to one of my favourite salons, Ella Baché West Lindfield. This time, I tried out their latest treatment Brighten Me Up Facial, using the new products released by Ella Baché - the NeoBright range.

For introduction of salon location and treatment room, see my previous blog post on the Ella Baché Signature Facial.

This treatment was the most comprehensive facial treatment that I have ever had. It was supposed to run for an hour, but it felt much longer because it was packed with many steps, which kept my therapist Julie busy all the way through.

Steps of the Brighten Me Up Facial

Cleansing & exfoliating

Even I was not wearing any makeup, Julie did not cut any corner and still carefully applied eye and lip makeup remover, followed by a double cleansing. As with the signature facial, Tomate Granule Free Micro Exfoliant was used as a gentle chemical exfoliant to clear away any dead skin cells.

Lymphatic drainage massage

After my skin was properly cleansed, Julie applied a vitamin C serum and did a "lymphatic drainage massage" using metal massage balls. I have not had any experience with lymphatic drainage massage before. I looked it up when I got home - it is thought to encourage natural draining of the lymphatic system, bringing cellular waste away from the tissue (the skin). The effectiveness is not scientifically conclusive, but it certainly felt relaxing and refreshing.

Vitamin C paste & facial massage

Without removing the serum from the previous step, Julie applied a vitamin C paste on my skin. I felt a mild tingling sensation, which went away within a few minutes. Julie explained that the paste is a salon-only product because it is "too powerful" to be used at home. This was followed by another facial massage - no complaint here, of course. Julie's massages are heavenly.

Pictured above: some of the products used in the treatment room

Brightening Mask

Initially I thought the paste was the "masking" step, so I was surprised that there was yet"another" proper mask to follow. This time, I did not feel any tingling sensation at all. When the mask was working, Julie asked if she could offer me a honey & almond hand and arm treatment... who could say no to that!

Skin care application

Lastly, Julie applied the mist, serum and moisturiser from the NeoBright range. For the moisturiser, I had a choice between the emulsion and the cream. I went with the cream because it was in the middle of winter and I felt something thicker would be appropriate. To my surprise, it did not feel very thick at all and it was absorbed very quickly without a greasy look.

Pictured above: Ella Baché NeoBright range

By the way...

If you have read my previous blog post on Ella Baché West Lindfield you might have already worked out that I am quite obsessed with Julie. This time, I noticed that she took a lot of care to remove all the excess skincare product from my hair. On top of that, she was extra careful to make sure my hair doesn't look "flat" after the facial (something that I noticed last time but did not make a special mention). In the past I would be careful not to plan anything after a facial or a massage because my hair always looked bad afterwards - greasy, or flat, or both. I don't think I would ever have this problem again if I stick to this place.


Overall, I could not fault my wonderful experience in the salon. My skin felt clean, fresh and well-hydrated throughout the day. I took this picture a few hours after the facial. Given that I was not wearing any makeup and I had just recovered from a chest infection, I thought my skin looked pretty damn good. I was so confident with my skin that I did not wear any makeup (not even a tinted moisturiser) for 4 days.

No doubt I will be booking myself in again for this treatment in a few weeks' time. I will also be reviewing a sample pack of NeoBright products that are designed to be used for maintenance of results in between treatments.


This treatment was provided by the salon on a complimentary basis as an opportunity to try this new treatment. I have no obligation to publish any review or report. My opinion is honest. Referral link to receive $10 off your purchase:

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