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Review - MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara

After working with makeup for more than a decade, I am still looking for that perfect mascara that may or may not exist. The first and foremost quality I look for in any mascara is smudge-proof. If my mascara smudges half-way through the day, I would be better off with no mascara in the first place at all. But thanks to my short, straight and fine lashes, I want my smudge-proof mascara to also volumise and lengthen.

I can't wait to try every mascara that comes my way. So imagine my excitement when I see MAC's new Bold & Bad Lash Mascara at Beautyheaven's Glosscars Marketplace (YES! That's me on the video cover).

Claims (from MAC's website)

  • Flake-proof and smudge-proof

  • Features customised formulas for upper and lower lashes

  • Opthalmologist tested

  • Safe for contact lens wearers

  • Volumising

  • Separates lashes

  • Non-clumping


The mascara has two chambers. The two chambers contain different formulation for top and bottom lash - creating volume for the top and separation for the bottom. It is an interesting and unusual packaging by MAC. The words "Bold & Bad" on the tube are velvet textured. However, the tube is quite chunky and it is not a great size for handbags.


This mascara has a "wet" formulation, so it does take a few minutes to dry before a second layer can be applied. Even though the brush is big and chunky, the application is quite easy. I am able to coat my lashes quite precisely without making a mess. It does not clump, and it is comfortable to wear.


In terms of volumising, it does a decent job, but not so much lengthening.

Top: not wearing any mascara. Bottom: wearing MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara, top (2 coats) and bottom.

And then, 4 hours later:

Top: freshly applied MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara. Bottom: 4 hours later, the mascara has smudged significantly.

I think a picture speaks a thousand words. I am disappointed and not very impressed at all seeing that MAC claims Bold & Bad Lash to be a smudge-proof mascara. I have only used it twice so far, and on both occasions I experienced significant smudging within just a few hours. The reviews on MAC UK website do not look great either, but for a different reason. It seems to be a common complaint that the mascara dries up quickly, or there is very little product in the tube to begin with. I haven't used it long enough to confirm this, but then again I doubt I would pick this mascara up for a third time.

Overall rating: 1/5

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