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Review - PONi Cosmetics Brow POP!, The White Knight Mascara and Pegasus Liquid Liner

A while ago I blogged my PONi Cosmetics haul here. It was actually 1.5 years ago (gasp!). I didn't have the chance to test out all these cuties until the end of last year - when little miss finally sleeps through overnight!

Brow POP!

This is my favourite out of all three. It is a two sided pencil - one side is for highlight and the other side has a duo purpose - an eye primer and a concealer. The shades are perfect for my skin tone.

Brow POP! is my best makeup discovery in 2017. It stands out for me because it is easy to use, it works and it is subtle. I like my highlight to look like I haven't used any highlighter and I like my concealing to look like I haven't used any concealer; at the same time my brows are more defined and my under-eye dark circles are less obvious (see picture below).


  • Creamy texture and easy to blend with finger or brush

  • Compact all-in-one design

  • Subtle effects and doesn't cake easily


  • The lids come off easily

  • I use a lot more concealer than highlighter. Assuming the length of each side is the same, at some point I will be left with a highlighter and no concealer


  • You need a fat pencil sharpener

  • The pencil is very soft and can be easily damaged during sharpening. Avoid sharpening on a hot day, or put the pencil in the fridge before sharpening

  • Lightly dust powder over concealer to prevent creasing

Overall rating 5/5

Top: wearing brow pencil and tinted moisturiser only. Bottom: after adding PONi Cosmetics Brow POP! (with highlight underneath the brows and concealer underneath the eyes and on the bridge of the nose) and White Knight Mascara.


The White Knight Mascara

This mascara comes in two different "modes": volumising and lengthening. The same brush is used for both, but in the lengthening mode the brush is pulled through a tube so that the excess mascara comes off the brush.

Top: volumising brush. Bottom: lengthening brush

PONi claims this mascara "doesn't smudge, run or transfer". Sorry guys - this is not the case for me. It smudges and flakes within hours. This is the most important thing I look for in a mascara. Everything else is secondary. It does an average job in volumising. I don't think the lengthening brush does anything when used on its own; nor does it add anything when together with the volumising brush. It is also difficult to put the lengthening brush back into the tube once I have pulled it out - it is a useless feature for me.

Top: freshly applied The White Knight Mascara. Bottom: after less than 5 hours it flaked and smudged considerably. It also didn't hold curls.


  • Average volume and length

  • Easy to remove with micellar water


  • Smudges and flakes within a few hours

  • Does not hold curls

  • The lengthening brush does not add anything extra length, and is difficult to put back into the tube

Overall rating 2/5


Pegasus Liquid Liner

Out of all the liquid liners I have used, Pegasus probably has the best tip. It is easy to control and I think it would be great for beginners (even though the consistency is on the thinner side). It dries quickly.

I also like that it has a jet black matte finish. I use Stila Stay All Day on my bridal clients because it is smudge- and water-proof, but I don't like that it has a glossy finish.

Unfortunately, PONi's claim of Pegasus being "water-resistant" does not stack up, especially when it is compared to a truly water-resistant formula (see below).

Top: freshly applied Stila Stay All Day and PONi Pegasus. Bottom: after washing my hands under a running tap without cleanser or hand wash.


  • Soft, bouncy and sharp felt tip. Very easy to control

  • Consistent flow

  • Dries quickly

  • Jet black matte finish. Non-glossy


  • Not waterproof. I wouldn't even call it water-resistant

Overall rating 3/5

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