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Most disappointing products 2017

So I have written on the best beauty products I have found in 2017. My blog is all about my honest opinions so, why not write a post on the most disappointing products I have used in 2017?

1. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

This was a huge disappointment, particularly because I have actually done a lot of research before buying it. I am forever looking for an eyeliner pencil that does not smudge. This pencil has some of the best reviews and yet, it still smudges on me, big time.

Any pros? It is creamy and easy to work with.

2. Revlon Colorstay Cream Eye shadow

I know I should have just stick to my Makeup Forever Aqua Cream, but after reading some articles and reviews about this cream eye shadow I was itching to try it. The shade I've got is "Honey". On my skin, its colour pigment is almost invisible, and the glitter particles are way too big.

Any pros? It is very creamy and easy to work with.

3. Nude by Nature Mineral Brush 11

I wouldn't like my Nude by Nature Mineral Cover if I had continued to use this brush with the powder. The bristles are not dense enough to give me a good coverage with an even finish. They are also too scratchy for buffing and blending purposes. I prefer to use the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush for the mineral powder.

To be fair, it is not a terrible brush. But I have expected a lot more because of the overwhelmingly positive online reviews.

Any pros? It can be used as a good setting powder brush at its affordable price.

4. Trilogy Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm

I couldn't wait to finish this cleansing balm. I hate wastage, so I did manage to finish it, but once I did I got rid of the plastic tub immediately (so, no picture here). This cleansing balm is not effective in removing my long-lasting lipstick and eyeliner. The balm itself is very thick, water-insoluble and difficult to be removed from skin. There is a cotton cloth that comes with the cleansing balm and we are supposed to remove the cleansing balm from the skin using the cloth, but really, it just means that the problem is then transferred to the cloth, because somebody (either me or my washing machine) needs to then clean the cloth to get rid of the balm AND the messy makeup residue. To me, this is a dumb idea.

Any pros? Because it is so thick, I did not have to use very much each time, so one tub lasted forever.

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