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Mei & Raymond's wedding

Coming back from maternity leave, there are so many things I need to catch up on. In this blog I would like to share some stunning photos sent to me by the lovely Clarissa from Clarzzique Photography & Video (, taken on Mei and Raymond's wedding day last year (yes, last year. I thought I should blog this before the end of this year so I didn't have to say "from two years ago"). It is always lovely to work with wedding crew I know (Robyn, I am looking at you too -

If I remember correctly, we did not do a trial run before the wedding. Mei showed me a picture of how she wanted her hair done, and also wanted some definition in the makeup. I usually do bridal makeup with a bit less intensity than this, but I think this actually suited Mei perfectly without looking overpowering. The bridesmaids' makeup and hair was done by Holly and Hannah from Faces Makeup and Hair ( - it was very fortunate that I could pull in these two amazing (and busy) stylists that day. We have been working as a team for so long that we know what each other is doing with our eyes closed.

To make this occasion extra special to me, I was recommended to Mei by her sister Maisy. Maisy came to me for her wedding and has since then recommended me to many of her friends and family - Thank you Maisy!

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