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Natural Instinct 6 week skincare challenge (part 1)

My diary has an inspiration quote at the beginning of each month. This month's quote is "Take The Risk". (There's no need to re-read the sentence - I am still using a diary with pages that I can turn, physically.)

And so here I am. I am taking a risk and I signed up to the Natural Instinct 6-week skincare challenge. Natural Instinct is an Australian "natural" skincare brand. Obvious enough, the challenge is to use its line of products for 6 weeks.

There are a few products in my current regime I have quite consistently been using in the past decade. I am always open to try new beauty items by adding them into my existing regime. However, giving up everything I like and switching over to a bunch of unknowns is an entirely different level.

You know the trashy TV show Married At First Sight? I feel exactly like that. I have now signed up to get stuck with an unknown stranger. The difference is, I must also divorce my husband first. Scary.



What a generous box of goodies!

Refreshing foaming cleanser (RRP $9.99) | This cleanser contains a range of extracts and oils that are beneficial for skin: kakadu plum extract (a super trendy ingredient right now), goji berry extract (need me say more?), vitamin E, sweet orange oil, lavender oil, geranium flower oil (oh I love this), ylang ylang flower Oil, and chamomile flower oil.

Plump & renew serum (RRP $21.95) | I must say that I am slightly concerned about the high alcohol content of this serum, listed as the second ingredient! Even though the alcohol (assuming it is ethanol) may be derived from plant, it is still the same molecule C2H6O, the same drying effect as synthetic ethanol. That said, I am going to give it a go anyway. It otherwise looks quite good - formulated with saccharide isomerate (a water retention agent derived from wheat), kakadu plum extract (told you it's trendy), liquorice extract (not a fan of liquorice lollies but I can certainly put this on my skin), rosehip oil (yay!), echinacea extract, sweet orange oil, lavender oil, geranium flower oil...(too many to list).

Dark circle + wrinkle correction eye cream (RRP $19.95) | Another excited product formulated with saccharide isomerate, alongside with argan oil, coffee seed extract, vitamin E and aloe vera. Also listed as a key ingredient is troxerutin (a plant extract) - I must say this is the first time I see troxerutin is incorporated in a skin product but apparently there is some scientific basis to it dating back to 2002 and it has been shown that it works in synergy with vitamin E and/or vitamin C derivatives.

Nourishing facial moisturiser (RRP $14.95) | Listed as hero ingredients are sweet almond oil and rosehip oil, but it also contains jojoba oil, Kakadu plum extract, goji berry extract, vitamin E, sweet orange oil, lavender oil, etc. The list looks very similar to all the other ones... you get the gist of it. Also wroth mentioning is the moisturiser comes in 125mL. It is a very generous sizing. I usually pay 4 times more money for less than one half of the size!


The challenge

I must say bye bye to my Clarins cleansing oil (well, I've just emptied it anyway), my 2 trusted Dermalogica cleansers and all the other things I like.

But I am keeping my Dermalgoica scrub and toner, as those two items are not part of the kit. Also added is Dermalogica pre-cleanse, an oil cleanser that I have gone through bottles of to remove makeup.

If you think the "challenge" stops here, Wait. For. It.

The bigger challenge is to upload a selfie. Makeup-free. Skincare-free. No cheating with tinted moisturiser.

Sorry to scare you with my hello! dark circles selfie. I am not a selfie person at all, and I would not have thought I would dare to take a makeup-free selfie and post it online. Concealer has always been my best friend.

Thanks diary. I really am taking the risk.

Link to the Natural Instinct 6 week skincare challenge website:

Go to part 2.

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